Carved Rock and Flowing Mud

Should you decide to take in the more-tourist friendly, less rusted-tanks sights of Azerbaijan, here's the next thing I found heading southwest from Baku. First the Gobustan petroglyphs, which the guide said are from 23,000 years ago. Yes, thousand. The internet says, 12-8th century BC, but honestly who even knows? There’s a couple hundred of these and they really cool in real life. Apparently, they put tooth paste inside the crevaces to make more contrast in the photos. I didn't even try to do that - they already demand a 2 AZN fee for taking photos. But here’s a pretty holy site from long before there was an Azerbaijan, an Armenia, a Georgia, a Russia, a Persia – before any of that. Plus, look at that cool boat they made:



Next we have some sheep near the railroad tracks. This is the kind of thing to look for to properly appreciate what’s so lovely about Azerbaijan. In the future I will have a post devoted to animals standing next to concrete blocks.


Finally, after a slow drive on a very bumpy road, you park the car and walk up a large hill. There’s oil coming right out of the ground and not a soul for miles (although there was a cow on the hillside that looked like a deity). In the distance are a couple of lunar looking mounds. They gurgle! And leak! And get mud all over your clothes and camera if you through something at them. What a weird site – it’s like you founding one of the earth’s internal organs.